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Lead Backend / Full Stack Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Boston, MA, USA · Remote
Posted on Monday, November 13, 2023

Company Overview:

Arbor stands at the intersection of technology and energy, committed to untangling the complex web of energy choices for consumers. With our recent $9M funding round, our mission has never been clearer: to simplify energy decisions, helping consumers save money and slow climate change as a byproduct.

Role Summary:

As Arbor's Lead Software Engineer with a depth of focus on backend, you will play a pivotal role in sculpting the technological backbone that drives our platform, ensuring a seamless and efficient energy decision-making experience for consumers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • System Architecture: Guide the evolution of our backend infrastructure, weighing our current Firestore and Cloud Functions setup against potential alternatives like AWS, relational or other nosql databases, and others.

  • Team Stewardship: Actively participate in hiring and mentoring the foundational engineering team, upholding Arbor's tech vision.

  • Integration and Performance: Steer system integrations and ensure peak performance, security, scalability, and resilience. Champion decisions that optimize user response times and system reliability.

  • Backend Development: Advance our platform using technologies in line with our evolving product. Advance leading-edge technologies and contemporary backend paradigms.

  • Data Integrity: Safeguard the reliability and coherence of our data, working closely with data architectures like BigQuery and Snowflake.

  • QA and CI/CD: Promote rigorous testing, adhere to CI/CD best practices, and champion backend automation.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Bridge gaps between product, design, marketing, and business to define objectives and roll out unmatched user experiences.


  • Passion for simplifying energy decisions and endorsing cleaner energy alternatives.

  • 10+ years of professional experience as a software engineer

  • Backend development fluency. Ability to navigate and contribute to frontend code occasionally.

  • Hands-on experience with popular backend frameworks and tools.

  • Hands-on experience establishing and managing both relational and nosql databases.

  • Familiarity with A/B testing methodologies.

  • Well-acquainted with CI/CD processes and a mindset geared towards automation.

  • Competency in GCP, AWS ecosystems, or similar platforms.

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.

  • Strong analytical skills with an ability to break down and simplify intricate problems.

  • Keen interest in staying updated with the latest industry trends and backend technologies.

  • Degree in Computer Science or related fields, or equivalent professional experience.

Location & Work Environment:

While this position is fully remote, candidates should be located within a reasonable distance of one of our hub locations in Boston or Austin. At Arbor, we deeply value the relationships and camaraderie among our team. Therefore, we periodically gather at these hubs for special occasions such as team events or when welcoming new members.

Why Arbor?

  • 🌍 Meaningful Impact: Be at the forefront of ensuring consumers are both economically and environmentally empowered.

  • 💡 Unlock Economic Opportunities: Dive deep into an industry where innovation meets vast economic potential.

  • 🌟 Join a Passionate Team: Thrive in a space filled with energy enthusiasts, united under the Arbor mission.

If you're driven by meaningful work, consumer facing products, and are eager to shape the future of energy, Arbor is the place for you. Dive into the challenge and help us simplify energy for all, building the world’s most loved energy experience.